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In short ...

Domiciliation consists in providing a business address to your company in order to give it a professional image. To customers of domiciled self-employed and SMEs, this address is a business office. In reality, a domiciled worker never sets foot in that office unless it is absolutely necessary!

For its customers, Paraco also provides domiciliation through the Centre d'affaires de l'Avenir. Located in the very center of Laval, near the Montmorency subway station, the Centre d’affaires is ideal for self-employed, small and medium enterprises and foreign companies who wish to have an office downtown. Enjoy a professional image inexpensively!

The domiciliation service provided by the Centre d’affaires de l’Avenir includes :

  • receipt of your mail and parcels, that we keep or forward to you according to your instructions
  • receipt of faxes and forwarding to your email address
  • privileged access to the Centre d'affaires de l'Avenir, including offices and conference rooms at your disposal, at costs provided by the Centre d'affaires
  • the use of a professional business address on all of your business documents
  • courteous welcoming of your visitors between 9 :00 AM and 5 :00 PM
  • giving messages, information and documentation about your business to your visitors, according to your instructions
  • forwarding of documents signed by your customers at the Centre d'affaires
  • forwarding of questionnaires completed by your customers at the Centre d'affaires
  • receipt of documents by email and printing for your customers

For more information, visit www.domiciliation.ca.