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Who are we ?

Paraco Services Parajuridiques inc. (« Paraco ») is a law firm specialized in the creation of corporations and in the professional maintenance of corporate minute books.

Our legal services are qualified as « paralegal » as they are performed by paralegals supervised by lawyers.  The objective is to provide our clientele (mainly small and medium enterprises) with high quality services at affordable prices.

Our approach

We understand the need for the entrepreneurs to have assistance in the maintenance of their minute books.  These books are often, if not almost always, dusty, incomplete, not accurate or even non-existent.

Minutes books must be updated adequately with rigour in order to provide the company with a clean and proper corporate image; exactly what all entrepreneurs wish to obtain.

The entrepreneurs need to have recourse to quick, efficient and practical services.  Our personnel is qualified, experienced and competent to provide such services.  We also use different modern tools to ensure the accomplishment of said services, the whole with great professionalism and affordable prices.


A huge part of the work regarding maintenance of the minute book requires rigour, precision, accuracy, legal knowledge, experience and mastering powerful data processing tools. The Paraco team includes paralegals having experience providing from large law firms in Quebec, business specialized lawyers and technology specialists along with partners offering a various range of corporate services.


Incorporation en ligne

Incorporation en ligne is an affiliation program which offers an online incorporation service.  By becoming an affiliate, you can offer this service to your clients at the price you determine. Incorporation en ligne will proceed to the incorporation of your clients for you.

Visit incorporationenligne.org/affiliation-details.php.

Centre d'affaires de l'Avenir

This partner offers a domiciliation service for businesses located in Quebec, Canada or overseas.

Visit www.affaireslaval.com.


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