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You already offer to your customers accounting services, financial planning or other?

This offer is specially made for you!

Get a lawyer on the phone!

As trusted partners, have access to lawyers specialized in business, corporate, tax and civil law to answer quickly to your common questions.

Paraco Services Parajuridiques inc. ( « Paraco ») is a company specialized in professional bookkeeping and recordkeeping of companies.

Let us manage the books of your clients and we will provide you a unique collaboration on the phone in order to respond quickly to common questions.

Paraco Services Parajuridiques inc. supports Québec SMEs and entrepreneurs by ensuring compliance with laws and regulations relative about mandatory legal records. In addition, Paraco watches over all legislation changes and informs business stakeholders about the ones that may affect them.

Annual services

  • Annual update of records
  • Reminders to customers and/or their accountants
  • Transmission of customized letters to customers with the name of their accountants
  • Relevant legal newsletters
  • Support of Minute Book

Other services at competitive rates

  • Incorporation of businesses and legal organization
  • Purchase or sale of businesses
  • Ordinary or simplified amalgamations
  • Rollover, crystallization and succession
  • Corporate reorganization (freeze, trusts, etc.)
  • Revocation of striking off and revival
  • Liquidation and dissolution


In addition to receiving a competitive rate on annual maintenance books, get great discounts on other services. For example, here are our prices depending on the number of Minute Books you entrust to us:


Number of books Cost by book
1 to 4
(regular price)
$ 245
5 to 14 $ 215
15 to 24 $ 205
25 to 39 $ 195
40 to 59 $ 185
60 to 79 $ 175
80 to 99 $ 165
100 and more $ 155

Meet us, without obligation, for a detailed description! Contact us now at 514 908-1489.