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A company that has been stricken off ex officio by the Enterprise registrar may apply to be rehabilitated to operate, provided they meet certain conditions. One can also ask to the Enterprise registrar to revive a company voluntarily dissolved.

Revocation of striking off

Which companies are concerned?

Companies stricken off ex officio include those which have failed to file their annual declarations for two consecutive years. A company can also be stricken off if it fails to file any document required by the Enterprise registrar. For a company incorporated under the provincial law, the striking off will result in its dissolution. It is also possible that a foreign company (registered but not incorporated in Quebec) requests a voluntary striking off. This striking off can be revoked as well.

Warning! A dissolved company that continues its operations makes its directors personally liable to third parties!

A company wishing to revoke its striking off must pay legal fees and penalties and file the missing declarations.

Revoking a striking off has the effect of bringing it back to life.


Any interested person may ask the Enterprise registrar to revive a company voluntarily dissolved.

To do so, a request of revival, required documents (if applicable) and rights provided by law shall be filed to the Enterprise registrar.

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